Sabado, Hunyo 27, 2009

The Sorting and the Upcoming Foundation Day

"Everything Comes and Goes"

When the graduates go away who is there to replace them in their leagues, the First Year students of course! The saying goes above...everything comes and goes...the only constant thing in the world is change. Most of us cried when the 4th years are gone and thank them for their wisdom. They're not geezers yet but lower years learned from their things and stuff.

Let us break the drama first, there was sorting last Friday and a couple of league games. I noticed that the relay games are getting much dull every year. Guess what they have on...folders. Maybe the SCS ran out of ideas. And again, Blue League won 1st in the league relay. The Green League won the Wanted Game. This are the rankings

1st Yellow
2nd Blue
3rd Red
4th Green

Uh-oh not a good start for the Green league, But they only have less than 100 points to beat Yellow which is a very small difference compared to the huge points given in the Student's Week and other minor league days.

About the Foundation Day, i do not know what will happen. It is a 2 Day Event, expect something that is not what is in the before years of Pisay.

See Ya Again People

- lone.ohm

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Huwebes, Hunyo 11, 2009

I Cannot do It Without Some of You

Yes, the webmaster has not one, not two, but three affiliates. Wow i've got good writers here. Now the blog is improved hopefully. Gossip is a favorite thing to tackle, and that is what those three writers are e-mailing to me a while ago. Pisay is now a big institution yet undone but it is still good for learning but....

"2 sections are you kidding me! know the room was worse than a covalent bond...we are so close that everyone can just peek."

First impressions on the new Pisay background, so crowded yet so fun! I hope the first year students learn the life of a student, rock on second years! For the third years enjoy the vacant time but the lesson will have an unexpected twist in the last of first quarter..... Fourth year, no one can stop you from graduating so that is good. The third year is in the guillotine if you know what i mean.

Now, it seems as its useless to post every week...Pisay students are "busy" not to visit the Internet. The Internet is the ultimate social network and nothing else. Well that is OK i get good traffic...80 visitors per week.

Another thing in the Pisay Change is the teachers. Lucky you all, it would be easier to graduate with such good teachers in the 4th year level with spoiling pluses (Ms. Jen). Easier 2nd year mentors like Math teacher Ms. Ronna. Another add of headache for the third year...poor batch. But that is the challenge. Especially plus the CAT auditions(i cant think of any word than this).

Biyernes, Hunyo 5, 2009

Good Riddance! Requests

Whoa...i cannot believe how many Pisay Students use the Internet. There are more than ten i see. And most of them requested songs. To the two of you(You know who you are) who requested Chillin by Lady Gaga (feat. Wale),Hush Hush by Pussycat Dolls, The Climb (Miley Cyrus) and other songs...i sent them to your emails. Its good to see people smile! :-)

Anyway if you like to request songs or research links or send stories of your Pisay Experience just mail them to Confirm that you are taga-Pisay!

Miyerkules, Hunyo 3, 2009

Welcome to Philippine Science High School CMC Unofficial Blog

Hello visitors and Pisay CMC Students. Welcome to the PSHS-CMC Unofficial Blog! Unofficial in the thought of not being approved by the director. More than a half of Pisay-CMC Students have used the internet because of research and other purposes. This blog does not only post announcements prior to the school campus but also provides links that will help them in their research and assignments. 

Many teachers in Philippine Science High School do not trust Wikipedia anymore because anyone can edit articles so we have links here that are not only trusted but also variously tested. I have seen many assignments of students in Pisay-CMC that depend on Wikipedia so i set-up this website for that reason, although you cannot always trust the Internet in Research.

Aside from tedious research, most Pisay Students love music. Those who don't love music are anti-social...and no Pisay Student is anti-social. I also put links on Music here and if someone requests a song, he/she can email me too at

Do you have stories of Pisay Life and Experience? You can e-mail them at If i can i will post Ilayin articles here if they want to, no one wants an empty blog! You can always comment here but you need to confirm yourself as a pisay student. This blog is not for announcements, Follow Pisay-CMC at Twitter to get announcements each week.

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